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Small Bowel Follow Through

Your doctor has referred you for a barium follow through. This information is to help you with questions you may have.

Why a Follow Through?

Your Doctor may have suggested this test for several reasons: irregularity of bowel motions, poor absorption of nutrients, and lower abdominal pain.

Preparing for the test

Please contact us for an appointment on 0800 466 564.

It is important that the small bowel is empty before we start this test. For this reason you will be asked not to eat or drink for 6 hours before the examination. The test usually takes approximately one to one and a half hours. You will be asked to undress to underpants and singlet. An x-ray gown will be given to you to wear.

Female patients - please let us know prior to this test if you are, or think you may be pregnant.

Who does the test?

A radiographer (x-ray technician) will be in the room with you. They will explain the procedure, but don't hesitate to ask them if you do not understand.

What is Entero-VU?

Entero VU is a liquid substance which when swallowed passes down into your small bowel, and is visible on x-ray pictures. After drinking the liquid, a series of x-ray pictures are taken over half to one hour (depending on the individual).

How will I feel after the test?

After the Radiologist has seen your X-rays and the test is completed, you can eat or drink normally. You will notice the Entero VU in your bowel motions for the next few days.

After the examination

The radiologist will review the pictures and provide a written report to your referring doctor.

Please settle your account on the day of the examination.

Please contact Mokoia Radiology for an appointment on 0800 466 564.

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